Thursday, November 30, 2017

Kansas City Comicon 2017!

I was going to attempt my She-Hulk cosplay this weekend but I didn't get to far with it due to not being able to wear the paint. I did do my Liv Moore but  no pictures sadly, but  I did get  a lot of other photos with my friend Valerie cosplaying Mantis and Visions daughter Viv as well as some friends.

The weekend was a bad weekend, last few weeks have been, but things are getting better slowly. The weekend of KCCC my hot sauce bottle broke in the pocket that had my phone, which now my phone is dead. But either way I hope you enjoy the photos! Next convention is in February as well as WWE Smackdown! As well as other wrestling shows leading up to it! There was a wrestling show at KCCC this year which was a lot of fun, Charlie and I are doing well, just getting rdy for the holidays. But okay ill stop talking and get to the photos, enjoy!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Our friend Alan who makes the Comic Rival Angels, read on! ♥

Rival Angels Season 3 (Volume 7) is 125+ pages (145 if we hit Stretch Goals), full color, perfect bound. After successfully funding two other Kickstarter campaigns, this is #3 but this is the first time that a Live Action Rival Angels match has been offered!

Do yourself a favor and look at the campaign. Odds are, you’ll find something there for you. Spread the word about this campaign, if you fancy. The more eyes on the campaign, the better chance it has of succeeding and in that, we all win.

RT, share, etc please!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame Museum

Recently Charlie and I took a trip to the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame Museum! 
It was quite a interesting and fun trip.

We got to meet Johnny Mantell & Lady K, both wrestlers!
They run the PWHoF Museum, which just moved to this location January 2016 from New York & things are still being added!

They have a lot of nifty things in the museum that has been either donated by the wrestlers, their families or their estate if they passed away.

Such as clothing they wore in the ring, autographed images, action figures and so forth.

Lady K and I had a few differences to settle first though.


We had fun posing with some of the wrestling belts that were also donated to the museum!

They also had a food truck challenge that went on this weekend, which was just a bonus for us since our main focus was the museum and the live wrestling the food truck folks were "supposed" to have, which canceled out 3 weeks ago and the food truck folks that were putting on that, didn't update anyone to say otherwise. Some wrestlers even were still showing up to wrestle and finding out later, nope not happening! Local business' got calls all weekend asking when the wrestling was to start, people like Charlie and I that drove 8hrs or more to get to the event.

We did have fun though with the museum and checking out the coffee house right next door that had wonderful service, food and coffee! This is just one corner of the cafe, it was just hard to get photos due to the lighting plus many people sitting around.

The first night we got back to the hotel we crashed pretty good for about 2 hours, woke up hungry and ordered in Chinese food cause we had been up for over 20 hours and was hungry but to tired to go anywhere.

Then we vegged at the tv til we both dozed off once again. Woke up the next day and had breakfast at the hotel.

Couple hours later when the coffee shop opened, we headed over and got coffee, brought our laptop and sat drinking coffee and watching some old Tiger Mask matches on the dvd we brought. For 3 hours til the museum opened again. 

We wandered for another 2-3hrs grabbed a buncha photos (ill post some here when im done rambling, not all of them but some cause i have a few 100 pics worth)

Then we went to eat lunch at a place around the corner, Charlie got the fish & chips and i got their steak sandwich.

Shortly after that since the live wrestling wasn't happening we packed up and left to come home.

Here are just a few of the pictures of some really cool things we saw in the museum. 

Each wrestler that gets into the HOF museum gets there very own plaque on the wall, we took over 100 of these in photos of diff wrestlers!

Couple more belts they had you can pose with!

I know some of you that follow our blog here, as well as facebook page. Know I have been on a weight loss journey of my own since May 2015. 

Ive had many msg's from some of you asking questions and advice and thanking me for the advice I have given and inspired a lot of you to get healthy. I am happy to hear all of that! I am happy to help people and inspire people!

After this trip I had to do a side by side for myself, since I noticed a huge difference!

Like I mentioned above as you guys know I got back on track with my weight loss in May 2015. After just over a year losing 115lbs, joining a gym, gaining 50lbs back in 6 months listening to one of their trainers telling me to eat more. I didn't weigh myself for those 6 months cause i had trust and faith in that trainer.

Since January this year last I checked I was down 61lbs for a total of 126lbs lost. With almost 60 inches in my waist (gotta get new #'s soon)

Which is awesome exp since we had to deal with death in the family, flooding in the basement and other stuff that caused stress eating. Still got 74lbs left but gonna try to kill it off sometime in 2018 before 2019, at least thats the hope/plan

Cause my goal is to cosplay She-Hulk next year at comicon! Here is a paint test I did a month ago.

Charlie & I thank all of you for your continued support, hope you enjoyed this update!

Thanks for reading! ♥