Thursday, April 30, 2015

Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars #2, Sneak Peak!

Here is a panel from page 4 of Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars #2. I haven't added any of the text yet (including sound effects which I found a way to imbed those into the picture itself!).

Main thing I was wondering, based on the rendering time I came up with a way to lower the resolution of the crowd in the background. This speeds up the process of making issue #2 as now I can spend more time making the text, sound effects, etc. and less time waiting for a panel to render. My question is; is the crowd in the background, or the background itself too fuzzy?

Of course the foreground is unchanged by this process as I think that part needs to look as good as it can get. (And I used a higher compression ratio for the pdf, so if you have issue #1 from the first few weeks it was on sale go back and get the higher resolution copy for free)


  1. As I stated on dA, this looks good. The out-of-focus background stuff works well and doesn't look too blurry.

  2. I'm glad! Because we wanted to use a larger crowd then last issue as this one is centered around a Wrestlemania-type event we're calling Cosmic Challenge. But each member of the crowd is a separate figure (though some are clones) and that eats up a lot of RAM during the process which increases time involved on each panel by tenfold.