Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sneak Peek Page 7

Here is what Prince Arzetello was looking at on page 6 that you can find on the Deviant Art Page and of course we see the reaction to it now. Is royal romance in Charlene's future? From the look on Azatala's face it may not be, lol!

Note: Usually it is my wife that lays out the panels onto the page and arranges the text, etc. All the actual work of this project. But I am getting pretty excited about where we are going with the story and couldn't wait to show a little bit of what we got going on. Of course all that I can show is basically what I do on my end of things, the raw artwork. The finished page will have all the dialogue balloons and stuff.

(find the link to my (CharlieRock's) deviant art page at the bottom side of this one)

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