Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Announcing the fifth issue of Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars coming soon!

#1 - By Charlie Rock

#2 - By Tina Noire

See below to find out why there is 2 photos!

Making the special announcement of issue #5 in the works are Charlene Rocket, and Princess Azatala (left to right on stage). Yes it has been a long delay but the crew here are finally getting to work on issue #5. 

Charlene Rocket, the youngest Galaxy Wrestling Champion (and the very first woman from Earth to win the title) looks resplendant in her black dress. She is just coming off an injury that had her sidelined for several months. But with the help of the top physician in the Galaxy Wrestling League, Dr. Santana, she is fully recovered and waiting to step back into the ring. She says she misses wrestling and all her fans, and that she is ready to blow away the competition in the squared circle. 

Princess Azatala Zatara, daughter of the intergalactic Eridani Empress, is currently defending the title as the interum Galaxy Wrestling Champion. She is an ally of Charlene's and felt responsible in getting revenge on the dastardly villains who injured her comrade.  Having proven herself as a warrior to her Empress mother, Azatala is known as The Princess of a Thousand Holds due to her technical expertise in the ring. Her impressive physique has been dubbed 'the Imperial treasury' by her adoring fans. 

These two are not the only stars we'll see in issue #5. We'll also meet "The Hollywood Sensation" Cheryl LaFleur, a stuntwoman who has captured every athletic title on Earth and now has her sights set on the title. There'll also be a bonus story highlighting the origins of an all-new character, "The Huntress" Leela Welch. 

Charlie and I been doing also some updates with our logo, we have received some amazing feedback from local artist friends and family on tricks of the trade to help us improve and get hopefully better as we go and bring you guys and gals even greater things to read and look at and enjoy! 

So CharlieRock did the art for these two photos above, he did the text on the top photo and myself (Tina Noire) did the text on the lower photo, we would like some feedback on which one you guys like better, see the poll on the right side at the top, please vote and let us know! Thank you!

Hope everyone is doing well and excited for Issue #5 of Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars!! 

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