Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Deadlines? What deadlines?

Well, we are on track and most likely able to keep to our self set deadline of having Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars #5 out in pdf by Halloween. w00t!

The printed version ... no clue. This is the first issue that will see print so it's new experience for us. Ohm... Ohm...

All the art is done, and the script is completed. Our ever industrious editor James is making sure we don't look like the lumbering dinosaurs we actually are when reading our comics. Hug

Now Tina Noire has the hopefully not too unpleasant task of laying out the pages and making the actual pdf. Wink/Razz

In the meantime I will be going back and re-mastering the first four issues of GWA-Stars to get them printed as well. Don't worry, longtime fans! There won't be any new content the new re-mastered editions will be the same in pdf as the older ones. Maybe a few mistakes that I have noticed since publishing those issues will get corrected. But when that happens the new editions will be up on Drive-Thru Comics (our illustrious publisher) in the same place as the old ones were. So when that happens (and I'll let you all know by e-mail as well as here) you can go get the re-mastered editions free so long as you have purchased the original on your account. :D (Big Grin)

So what that means is you get an even better pdf copy for free! :happybounce:

As far as our longtime fans getting a printed copy? That would make us very happy and we will work with the printer to try and get you all the best deal possible. No promises, this is just as new for me as it is for most of you (I imagine). I do pride myself on being an informed consumer so I will be keeping an eye out for any way I can make getting a printed copy to our pdf readers as economic as possible. Sherlock Holmes

Any barefoot wrestling fans out there? Hi!

I know several of you have requested seeing more ladies sans footwear when they battle. So it pleases me (and hopefully you, too) to make mention that Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars #5 will have a bonus story featuring two (2!) jungle girls fighting in a cage on an alien jungle world. Without a single stitch on their feet. Why? Because jungle girls eschew boots, of course! OMG! I can't contain my excitement!

Some of you who visit our blog have already seen one of these ferocious beauties. Heart
Well, I'm going to wrap up. Thanks to everyone who read and support us. Happy Halloween!

Charlie Rock

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