Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Opening Bell!

Hey everyone, want some more wrestling action??
Our editor J.B. Garner​ has his book up on amazon for FREE if you have a kindle!!! 

It's a wonderful awesome read, be sure to check it out!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Round 2 of Print! GWA#5!

Issue 5 is back from the printer a second time!
All is well so far !
Now back to re-doing issues 1 though 4 and planning on a mass print of the issues once they are done!
Issue 1 of Noire comix is in the works too!
Might have that done and ready for comicon if not before next spring/summer!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Print Version of GWA #5!

Our print of Issue 5 came in yesterday evening!
Charlie and I are pretty excited!
The art and some of the pages look pretty awesome !
Only issue = the text on the word bubbles etc is to small !!!
It's 12 point I think it looks okay but it is pretty tiny, so time to go back and re-do ........ this is going to take me a few days then I will re-send it back to the printer then we should be good to go!
Then we will have to finish up re-doing issues one two three and four for print but at least we got the size of the font taken care of now!
Hopefully! *fingers crossed*

Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Page From Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars Issue 5 !

This is a page from GWA#5 that is only available in the print version! We thought we share with you, hopefully within the next few days we will have that version in hand to see how it turned out before we get more printed.


Saturday, November 7, 2015

Charlie Rock's rumblings

Is anyone out there a rl fan of professional wrestling? Do you know what is currently going on in the "big league"? It seems Seth Rollins, the big league World Heavyweight Champion has an injury and won't be back for several months. I certainly hope he recovers speedily that is a major bummer. But after the initial "oh, crap!" reaction I started to reflect on the odd coincidences between the situation in the big league and the situation in our Galactic Wrestling League.

Be Warned though, pointing out these coincidences will highlight a few spoilers so ...

*Spoilers Ahead!*

Coincidence #1: The main champion has a knee injury requiring "several months" recovery. Check!
Both Seth Rollins and Charlene Rocket suffer a knee injury while holding the title of Champion in their respective leagues. Pro Wrestling is a rough sport!

Coincidence #2: Due to the injury the Champion is replaced. Now this one is a little different in how they handled it. The Big League still has a vacancy for their designated title holder while the GWL replaced Charlene with an interim champion. Either way there is a stand-in taking the belt.

Coincidence #3: This one is probably the biggest. There is going to be a tournament to determine the Championship! Yes, the Big League is holding a tournament for their belt, announced right after we put out issue #5 which announced the tournament storyline coming up for issue #6.

Kind of exciting in a way.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars #5 is done, now what!?

Charlie and I aren't done with the GWA series by a long shot folks!
We have 5 issues done and another 7 planned/laid out, that's just for volume one!
Volume 2 has also been in the brain storm works for some time now!

I know your probably sitting there going, "holy crap really?" onion head 'shock'
Yes really!
We have so many ideas to keep us going for awhile!
So your in for quite a few years of GWA fun!

We couldn't of done it without our friend and editor James, hes awesome and been a super hero in helping us! I Love You Emote

Speaking of Superheroes!
I personally have a superhero series in the works also, with the help of Charlie & James also!
As Charlie said and I quote from his post for those of you who haven't seen it!

"In the meantime I will be going back and re-mastering the first four issues of GWA-Stars to get them printed as well. Don't worry, longtime fans! There won't be any new content the new re-mastered editions will be the same in pdf as the older ones. Maybe a few mistakes that I have noticed since publishing those issues will get corrected. But when that happens the new editions will be up on Drive-Thru Comics (our illustrious publisher) in the same place as the old ones were. So when that happens (and I'll let you all know by e-mail as well as here) you can go get the re-mastered editions free so long as you have purchased the original on your account. So what that means is you get an even better pdf copy for free! :happybounce: 

As far as our longtime fans getting a printed copy? That would make us very happy and we will work with the printer to try and get you all the best deal possible. No promises, this is just as new for me as it is for most of you (I imagine). I do pride myself on being an informed consumer so I will be keeping an eye out for any way I can make getting a printed copy to our pdf readers as economic as possible."

So know this, I did send off the files to the printer last night *Fingers crossed* the review of the files goes smooth and prints are able to be made!Pikachu shock

Now your also probably wondering what the Superhero comic is going to be about right?
Well Charlie and I have written short bio's of super hero characters over the years, powers, appearance etc
So we are bringing them to life so to speak !

Charlie and I are in the long hull of bringing awesome stuff for you guys both in Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars AND superheroes!
So stay tuned!

:batman: Woooosh   :hero: Hero Timez

We appreciate all of you for your love and support !

Pixel Rose Tina Noire  Pixel Rose

ps... As some of you might have noticed we also been banner planning the last day or so, reason if you don't know already, we are planning to make a appearance at a local convention next year, the plan is in the works and will let you know more once we know more!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars #5....... NOW HERE!

Hey guys, G.W.A#5 is finally here.
Sorry for the delay, we had some technical issues.
PLUS I been fussing with getting the perfect cover all morning, lol.
(We went though about 8 diff ideas before we settled lol)
Charlie & I hope you enjoy it!

Find it here and please let know us what you think:

Thank you!
Tina Noire & Charlie Rock