Saturday, November 7, 2015

Charlie Rock's rumblings

Is anyone out there a rl fan of professional wrestling? Do you know what is currently going on in the "big league"? It seems Seth Rollins, the big league World Heavyweight Champion has an injury and won't be back for several months. I certainly hope he recovers speedily that is a major bummer. But after the initial "oh, crap!" reaction I started to reflect on the odd coincidences between the situation in the big league and the situation in our Galactic Wrestling League.

Be Warned though, pointing out these coincidences will highlight a few spoilers so ...

*Spoilers Ahead!*

Coincidence #1: The main champion has a knee injury requiring "several months" recovery. Check!
Both Seth Rollins and Charlene Rocket suffer a knee injury while holding the title of Champion in their respective leagues. Pro Wrestling is a rough sport!

Coincidence #2: Due to the injury the Champion is replaced. Now this one is a little different in how they handled it. The Big League still has a vacancy for their designated title holder while the GWL replaced Charlene with an interim champion. Either way there is a stand-in taking the belt.

Coincidence #3: This one is probably the biggest. There is going to be a tournament to determine the Championship! Yes, the Big League is holding a tournament for their belt, announced right after we put out issue #5 which announced the tournament storyline coming up for issue #6.

Kind of exciting in a way.

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