Thursday, December 31, 2015

Twelve Days of Women's Wrestling - Day 7

One of the greatest  women wrestlers of all time was Sue Sexton. During the time I watched LPWA, the largest women's wrestling promotion in it's time, Sue held the belt and dominated the ring as champion. Sue previously held many other titles including the Australian championship. To my mind she is the standard all other champions are measured up to. 

One of the matches that comes to mind most clearly was the LPWA championship match of Sue Sexton vs Allison Royal. Allison was a seasoned pro by this time but was no match for Sue Sexton. Sue dominated the entire match and displayed an intense amount of technical skill applying all manner of leglocks and other grueling holds on Allison eventually coming away with a clear victory. 

Sue Sexton has always been a delight to watch due to her expertise in the ring and had taken on some of the best, most talented wrestlers during her career including Bambi and Cheryl Rusa. In addition to the LPWA championship she added the WCW Women's Champion title to her number of accomplishments. 

She also starred in the movie American Angels as a wrestling coach. Anyone would be quite fortunate to have someone who worked with the legendary Mildred Burke like Sue Sexton as their coach, lol. 

Charlie Rock & Tina Noire
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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Twelve Days of Women's Wrestling - Day 6

 Welcome to day 6 of our Twelve Days of Women's Wrestling! Today I would like to talk about another favorite of mine, Rain!

I first saw her in Shimmer Volume One when she went against Ariel. She always gave exciting performances in the ring and she took on all the biggest names such as Nikki Roxx and Lorelei Lee. Shimmer Volume Six she appeared with Lacey as the tag team known as "The Minnesota Home-Wrecking Crew" they went against some of the best in the business.

Charlie and I recently started watching Shine Wrestling. We noticed they were finally coming out with dvds also. We were happy to see so many familiar faces including Rain! Rain had some great matches in Shine taking on the legendary Jazz and Amazing Kong.

2 of her finishing moves include, Acid Rain - Bridging straight jacket electric chair drop. Plus the Rain Drop - Falling inverted DDT.

I was pretty sad to hear about her accident and her retiring. She has been a super inspiration to me over the years. When she had her accident, she showed amazing strength as she went on her road to recovery and still does to this day. 

Please take note "Don't text & Drive", the gal that hit her was texting and driving. 

I recently had the immense pleasure to become facebook friends with her. She recently just got back in the 100lb club with her bench presses. She continues to inspire me daily with her posts and kind words. She is a wonderful great person and I want nothing but the best for her as she continues to recover and much more. 

Rain has inspired me to continue with my own efforts at living a healthy lifestyle and this week I am officially down 50lbs. I have a HUGE THANK YOU to Rain. So THANK YOU! Thanks to you and Jason Lopez for letting me use such a amazing photo of you also.


Tina Noire & Charlie Rock
Photo credit Rain & Jason Lopez. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Twelve Days of Women's Wrestling - Day 5

My earliest memories of watching professional women's wrestling involved tuning in early Sunday mornings to watch GLOW. GLOW stood for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling and while the wrestling action was not the greatest, and their attempts at humorous promos were nigh painful to view, there were some stars that shined through it all. Trudy Adams, Cheryl Rusa, and Jeanne Basone all got a start at GLOW. But the best wrestler I remember is the GLOW Champion, Tina.  

Whether she was called Tina, Nina, Tina Ferrari, Nina Moretti, or most famously Ivory, Tina won the championship of almost every promotion she grappled for, GLOW, POWW, and finally WWE. She even wrestled for a time in the LPWA. 

Tina was a very fit, and strong athlete during a time when women were not supposed to even have muscles. But she always made her physique look glamorous and carried herself as a perfect feminine wrestler giving a thrilling performance with every match.

She's retired now but she definitely left me with a love for the sport. I love I continue to have and share with my friends and family today.

Charlie Rock & Tina Noire
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Monday, December 28, 2015

Twelve Days of Women's Wrestling - Day 4

Hello again, Happy Monday to you all. Today I bring to you another fav of mine from THE INFERNO....... MSCHIF!

Ever since I first saw her wrestle on Shimmer Volume One, she went against Cheerleader Melissa and my jaw dropped when I saw how flexible she really is. I looked at Charlie and said, "Did she just ... that has to hurt!" I couldn't believe it! She then defeated Cheerleader Melissa and returned on Volume four where Melissa beat her. She then went on to face Cindy Rodgers, Rain, Amazing Kong, Amber O'Neil among many other wrestlers on the roster. She then became Shimmer Champion later on.

I love her signature moves such as "Green Mist" where she spray's her appointment in the face with just that, "Green Mist". I mean if the ref don't see it, it's legal right? lol. I also enjoy seeing her put the "Gates of Hell" on others too. That is a Double Leg Hook Bridge with a Reverse Chinlock slapped on. Sometimes she can get the girls to submit with that move. 

Her finishing moves are pretty bad ass I have to say also. Her "Code Green" which is a Legtrap sunset flip powerbomb. (Which is my #1 fav) Then we have the "Desecrator" which is a Scissored DDT. Then last but not least "Obliteration" which is a super kneeling piledriver. Which I wouldn't wanna be in any of those! 

I always grew up watching WWE and I always favored the "Undertaker" when I first saw MsChif she had a Undertaker feel to her, I think that was what drew me to her first hand, then watching her wrestle, her moves and love the scream! Among other things made me lover her as a person and wrestler even more. Then when I saw a interview with her and she said that one of her favorite wrestlers growing up was the "Undertaker" also. I thought, "How cool is that!"

I also admire MsChif not only is she a wrestler but she is a "Microbiologist" by day! I saw the bits of her interview on the PBS series, The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers . If your interested you can click that link. Now on top of work and wrestling and being a wife, she is a MOM! She had a baby boy this September. I would love to shout and give her a big congratz! 

Tina Noire & Charlie Rock
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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Twelve Days of Women's Wrestling - Day 3

One of my favorite wrestlers today is Kana. She is now known as Asuka in NXT. Asuka means "Future". Her signature move is known as the Kanalock/Asukalock (in NXT). For those of you not familiar with the move it is  a cross face chicken wing & body scissor combo. It's a really great submission move.

I remember her debut in Shimmer on Volume 41, Cheerleader Melissa and Sara Del Rey tried to welcome Kana to Shimmer and she just ignored them. That night she faced Mia Yim, then Cheerleader Melissa, Sara Del Rey and moving onto face Lufisto among many others.

I will never forget hearing about her signing with NXT, I got super excited and I even signed up for the free trial of WWE network for a month. Just to watch her upcoming matches.

When I saw her match against Dana for the first time I did have a bit of feeling of what to expect from Asuka. Dana a little bit. But Asuka's debut at NXT Respect was amazing! I love when Dana tossed her in the ropes and Asuka came back with the hip check then mimicked Dana the way she did. Emma pulled a dirty move with the ring apron but Asuka came back at the end giving Emma the smack she deserved and finishing Dana off with the Asukalock!

 Another great match recently was Asuka vs Emma. In NXT Takeover London. Emma seemed scared, which she should be! Both her and Dana. Dana started to run her mouth to distract Asuka which worked for a moment. lol. I thought the Asukalock was going to finish Emma off and finish the match. But I was wrong! It was one of the best matches I thought! I wont spoil the rest, but know Dana really pissed me off. lol. 

Asuka has also done writing for Xbox magazine and designed graphics for Nintendo DS, which I thought was pretty cool! She also owned her own nail salon. 

If you haven't seen any of the matches I listed please be sure to check them out. I really enjoy her and I think you will too if you don't already. She is one of the top wrestlers on my list to meet someday if all possible.

Tina Noire & Charlie Rock
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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Twelve Days of Women's Wrestling - Day 2

One of the greatest women wrestlers in the 90s was Reggie Bennett. She began her career as a female bodybuilder turned wrestler and was in LPWA before too long. Back then the LPWA was the Shimmer, and WSU of women's wrestling. I don't think Reggie was ever the champion there, but she made a big impact.

Reggie Bennett's best known for her powerbombs perhaps. But my favorite signature move of her's was the Reggie Rack. It was an over-the-shoulder backbreaker which was not used back then very often at all. But Reggie Bennett had the power to not only use it, but maintain the hold long enough to get a submission.

Power moves were not her only moveset and she knew quite a few technical and submission holds as well. And for a big woman she moved very quickly and with grace around the ring.

Reggie Bennett was frequently teamed with another great, classical wrestler named Cheryl Rusa. Together they were Big Mo & Little Mo (I don't know if the gimmick was that they were related or what, it was never explained.) They had some great matches against the villainous teams at the time; the Nasty Girls, and Bad, Black, and Beautiful.

The LPWA did not survive to see the next decade however, and many of it's stars had to move on as well. Reggie Bennett's next move was to Japan where I heard she had a lot of success as a Joshi Puroresu star. Even winning a few belts (something not many Westerners accomplish).

I've heard she came to ECW later on but even though I watched ECW I somehow missed that part.

I liked Reggie Bennett perhaps the most because although she was the biggest wrestler physically (thanks in part to her bodybuilding background) but that was never her only gimmick. Most other large wrestlers (men and women) just lumbered around the ring swinging their arms or maybe doing the odd body slam. But not Reggie, she had a wide array of technical holds she would put her opponents in and moved with the agility of a tigress.

Charlie Rock & Tina Noire
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Friday, December 25, 2015

Twelve Days of Women's Wrestling - Day 1

This Holiday Season we wanted to point out some of the wrestlers we admire most in the sport. I tend to favor the so-called 'heels' or villains because to me they make the match so exciting. Be they vampy or monstrous, cowardly or ferocious, a good villain always makes a match great. So to start off this twelve-part series let me begin with a very skilled villainess and perhaps the greatest female wrestler of professional wrestling: Sara Del Rey.

She used to be one of the good guys. But back when she held the title of Shimmer Champion (the first to hold that title, btw) she turned on then-partner MsChif. The resulting rivalry led  to her losing the belt to MsChif, and turning full-blown evil. 

This was not necessarily a bad thing as she then had some of her best matches ever. I specifically remember her feud with Serena Deeb being a fine example. Serena had to "prove" that she deserved a shot at MsChif's title and to do that she had to beat the former holder of that title, the now villainous Sara Del Rey. For the most part of three matches Serena endured every torturous submission hold and bone-jarring slam in Sara's evil arsenal. Serena finally came back in that third, final match proving she could defeat SDR (after two losses initially, I might add) and challenge MsChif.

I remember these matches not because Sara Del Rey lost to Serena Deeb but just the sheer skill Sara displayed (as well as Serena who had to endure all this) as she used almost every hold and throw known to professional wrestling. It was like watching a live-action encyclopedia.

When I heard Sara Del Rey retired I was so sad. I found out she went on to become a coach for none other than WWE's 'developmental' NXT division. And it shows as NXT has had some of WWE's finest women's matches ever. Put it this way, at NXT Takeover: Respect the main event was the women's title Ironman match and Sara Del Rey was clearly visible in the front row (wearing a sleek red dress, btw).

I haven't fully replaced Sara Del Rey as my favorite wrestler. It's kind of silly to think my favorite wrestler isn't even active. But that's just how good she is. Was.

Tomorrow we'll have another post featuring another wrestling favorite of ours.

Merry Christmas,
Charlie Rock & Tina Noire
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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Happy Holidays Everyone!

A Render of Charlene & Azatala I put together, Happy Holidays Everyone!
~Tina Noire

Saturday, December 19, 2015

GWA#1 is back from the printer!

Issue one preview came back from the printer today, all looks great!! 

Now issue 2 panels are laid out now for text then off to the printer hopefully by next week! 

Now to get issues 3 & 4 panels re-mastered :D

Friday, December 18, 2015

Comicon 2016!

Hey Everyone!
How is everyone doing this holiday season?
Just a heads up for you all !!
Charlie and I will be at comicon this coming August in 2016
We just got our banner today, check it out below!
Also for more info on the convention etc, click HERE!
Hope to see you!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

G.W.A #2

Cover of the (soon to be re-mastered) printed version.
Whatcha think of the new cover?
I will be in the process of re-mastering issue 2 in this next week or so now that Charlie finished remastering the panels.
We just got word this morning that issue 1 is on it's way back from the printer and we will be able to see how it turned out SOON!
Super hyped!

G.W.A #1

Cover of the (re-mastered) printed version.
Whatcha think of the new cover?

Also if you have already bought the PDF of GWA#1
The new re-mastered edition is now up on Drive thru comics, you should of have gotten the email letting you know to go download the newest version at no extra cost. =) 
and if you haven't gotten any of Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars yet, please don't be shy to check it out. Thanks!