Friday, December 25, 2015

Twelve Days of Women's Wrestling - Day 1

This Holiday Season we wanted to point out some of the wrestlers we admire most in the sport. I tend to favor the so-called 'heels' or villains because to me they make the match so exciting. Be they vampy or monstrous, cowardly or ferocious, a good villain always makes a match great. So to start off this twelve-part series let me begin with a very skilled villainess and perhaps the greatest female wrestler of professional wrestling: Sara Del Rey.

She used to be one of the good guys. But back when she held the title of Shimmer Champion (the first to hold that title, btw) she turned on then-partner MsChif. The resulting rivalry led  to her losing the belt to MsChif, and turning full-blown evil. 

This was not necessarily a bad thing as she then had some of her best matches ever. I specifically remember her feud with Serena Deeb being a fine example. Serena had to "prove" that she deserved a shot at MsChif's title and to do that she had to beat the former holder of that title, the now villainous Sara Del Rey. For the most part of three matches Serena endured every torturous submission hold and bone-jarring slam in Sara's evil arsenal. Serena finally came back in that third, final match proving she could defeat SDR (after two losses initially, I might add) and challenge MsChif.

I remember these matches not because Sara Del Rey lost to Serena Deeb but just the sheer skill Sara displayed (as well as Serena who had to endure all this) as she used almost every hold and throw known to professional wrestling. It was like watching a live-action encyclopedia.

When I heard Sara Del Rey retired I was so sad. I found out she went on to become a coach for none other than WWE's 'developmental' NXT division. And it shows as NXT has had some of WWE's finest women's matches ever. Put it this way, at NXT Takeover: Respect the main event was the women's title Ironman match and Sara Del Rey was clearly visible in the front row (wearing a sleek red dress, btw).

I haven't fully replaced Sara Del Rey as my favorite wrestler. It's kind of silly to think my favorite wrestler isn't even active. But that's just how good she is. Was.

Tomorrow we'll have another post featuring another wrestling favorite of ours.

Merry Christmas,
Charlie Rock & Tina Noire
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