Saturday, December 26, 2015

Twelve Days of Women's Wrestling - Day 2

One of the greatest women wrestlers in the 90s was Reggie Bennett. She began her career as a female bodybuilder turned wrestler and was in LPWA before too long. Back then the LPWA was the Shimmer, and WSU of women's wrestling. I don't think Reggie was ever the champion there, but she made a big impact.

Reggie Bennett's best known for her powerbombs perhaps. But my favorite signature move of her's was the Reggie Rack. It was an over-the-shoulder backbreaker which was not used back then very often at all. But Reggie Bennett had the power to not only use it, but maintain the hold long enough to get a submission.

Power moves were not her only moveset and she knew quite a few technical and submission holds as well. And for a big woman she moved very quickly and with grace around the ring.

Reggie Bennett was frequently teamed with another great, classical wrestler named Cheryl Rusa. Together they were Big Mo & Little Mo (I don't know if the gimmick was that they were related or what, it was never explained.) They had some great matches against the villainous teams at the time; the Nasty Girls, and Bad, Black, and Beautiful.

The LPWA did not survive to see the next decade however, and many of it's stars had to move on as well. Reggie Bennett's next move was to Japan where I heard she had a lot of success as a Joshi Puroresu star. Even winning a few belts (something not many Westerners accomplish).

I've heard she came to ECW later on but even though I watched ECW I somehow missed that part.

I liked Reggie Bennett perhaps the most because although she was the biggest wrestler physically (thanks in part to her bodybuilding background) but that was never her only gimmick. Most other large wrestlers (men and women) just lumbered around the ring swinging their arms or maybe doing the odd body slam. But not Reggie, she had a wide array of technical holds she would put her opponents in and moved with the agility of a tigress.

Charlie Rock & Tina Noire
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