Sunday, December 27, 2015

Twelve Days of Women's Wrestling - Day 3

One of my favorite wrestlers today is Kana. She is now known as Asuka in NXT. Asuka means "Future". Her signature move is known as the Kanalock/Asukalock (in NXT). For those of you not familiar with the move it is  a cross face chicken wing & body scissor combo. It's a really great submission move.

I remember her debut in Shimmer on Volume 41, Cheerleader Melissa and Sara Del Rey tried to welcome Kana to Shimmer and she just ignored them. That night she faced Mia Yim, then Cheerleader Melissa, Sara Del Rey and moving onto face Lufisto among many others.

I will never forget hearing about her signing with NXT, I got super excited and I even signed up for the free trial of WWE network for a month. Just to watch her upcoming matches.

When I saw her match against Dana for the first time I did have a bit of feeling of what to expect from Asuka. Dana a little bit. But Asuka's debut at NXT Respect was amazing! I love when Dana tossed her in the ropes and Asuka came back with the hip check then mimicked Dana the way she did. Emma pulled a dirty move with the ring apron but Asuka came back at the end giving Emma the smack she deserved and finishing Dana off with the Asukalock!

 Another great match recently was Asuka vs Emma. In NXT Takeover London. Emma seemed scared, which she should be! Both her and Dana. Dana started to run her mouth to distract Asuka which worked for a moment. lol. I thought the Asukalock was going to finish Emma off and finish the match. But I was wrong! It was one of the best matches I thought! I wont spoil the rest, but know Dana really pissed me off. lol. 

Asuka has also done writing for Xbox magazine and designed graphics for Nintendo DS, which I thought was pretty cool! She also owned her own nail salon. 

If you haven't seen any of the matches I listed please be sure to check them out. I really enjoy her and I think you will too if you don't already. She is one of the top wrestlers on my list to meet someday if all possible.

Tina Noire & Charlie Rock
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