Monday, December 28, 2015

Twelve Days of Women's Wrestling - Day 4

Hello again, Happy Monday to you all. Today I bring to you another fav of mine from THE INFERNO....... MSCHIF!

Ever since I first saw her wrestle on Shimmer Volume One, she went against Cheerleader Melissa and my jaw dropped when I saw how flexible she really is. I looked at Charlie and said, "Did she just ... that has to hurt!" I couldn't believe it! She then defeated Cheerleader Melissa and returned on Volume four where Melissa beat her. She then went on to face Cindy Rodgers, Rain, Amazing Kong, Amber O'Neil among many other wrestlers on the roster. She then became Shimmer Champion later on.

I love her signature moves such as "Green Mist" where she spray's her appointment in the face with just that, "Green Mist". I mean if the ref don't see it, it's legal right? lol. I also enjoy seeing her put the "Gates of Hell" on others too. That is a Double Leg Hook Bridge with a Reverse Chinlock slapped on. Sometimes she can get the girls to submit with that move. 

Her finishing moves are pretty bad ass I have to say also. Her "Code Green" which is a Legtrap sunset flip powerbomb. (Which is my #1 fav) Then we have the "Desecrator" which is a Scissored DDT. Then last but not least "Obliteration" which is a super kneeling piledriver. Which I wouldn't wanna be in any of those! 

I always grew up watching WWE and I always favored the "Undertaker" when I first saw MsChif she had a Undertaker feel to her, I think that was what drew me to her first hand, then watching her wrestle, her moves and love the scream! Among other things made me lover her as a person and wrestler even more. Then when I saw a interview with her and she said that one of her favorite wrestlers growing up was the "Undertaker" also. I thought, "How cool is that!"

I also admire MsChif not only is she a wrestler but she is a "Microbiologist" by day! I saw the bits of her interview on the PBS series, The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers . If your interested you can click that link. Now on top of work and wrestling and being a wife, she is a MOM! She had a baby boy this September. I would love to shout and give her a big congratz! 

Tina Noire & Charlie Rock
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