Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Twelve Days of Women's Wrestling - Day 5

My earliest memories of watching professional women's wrestling involved tuning in early Sunday mornings to watch GLOW. GLOW stood for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling and while the wrestling action was not the greatest, and their attempts at humorous promos were nigh painful to view, there were some stars that shined through it all. Trudy Adams, Cheryl Rusa, and Jeanne Basone all got a start at GLOW. But the best wrestler I remember is the GLOW Champion, Tina.  

Whether she was called Tina, Nina, Tina Ferrari, Nina Moretti, or most famously Ivory, Tina won the championship of almost every promotion she grappled for, GLOW, POWW, and finally WWE. She even wrestled for a time in the LPWA. 

Tina was a very fit, and strong athlete during a time when women were not supposed to even have muscles. But she always made her physique look glamorous and carried herself as a perfect feminine wrestler giving a thrilling performance with every match.

She's retired now but she definitely left me with a love for the sport. I love I continue to have and share with my friends and family today.

Charlie Rock & Tina Noire
Photo deserves credit.

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