Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Twelve Days of Women's Wrestling - Day 6

 Welcome to day 6 of our Twelve Days of Women's Wrestling! Today I would like to talk about another favorite of mine, Rain!

I first saw her in Shimmer Volume One when she went against Ariel. She always gave exciting performances in the ring and she took on all the biggest names such as Nikki Roxx and Lorelei Lee. Shimmer Volume Six she appeared with Lacey as the tag team known as "The Minnesota Home-Wrecking Crew" they went against some of the best in the business.

Charlie and I recently started watching Shine Wrestling. We noticed they were finally coming out with dvds also. We were happy to see so many familiar faces including Rain! Rain had some great matches in Shine taking on the legendary Jazz and Amazing Kong.

2 of her finishing moves include, Acid Rain - Bridging straight jacket electric chair drop. Plus the Rain Drop - Falling inverted DDT.

I was pretty sad to hear about her accident and her retiring. She has been a super inspiration to me over the years. When she had her accident, she showed amazing strength as she went on her road to recovery and still does to this day. 

Please take note "Don't text & Drive", the gal that hit her was texting and driving. 

I recently had the immense pleasure to become facebook friends with her. She recently just got back in the 100lb club with her bench presses. She continues to inspire me daily with her posts and kind words. She is a wonderful great person and I want nothing but the best for her as she continues to recover and much more. 

Rain has inspired me to continue with my own efforts at living a healthy lifestyle and this week I am officially down 50lbs. I have a HUGE THANK YOU to Rain. So THANK YOU! Thanks to you and Jason Lopez for letting me use such a amazing photo of you also.


Tina Noire & Charlie Rock
Photo credit Rain & Jason Lopez. 

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