Saturday, January 23, 2016

Print Version of Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars #3

Issue three preview came back from the printer, all looks great !! 

Issue 4 is in the process of being re-done with page layouts etc right now!

We are getting close to hitting the finish line *fingers crossed*

Then it will be time for us to get the pages art etc laid out and done for Noire Comics #1 !!

I hope everyone is doing well and is excited as we are!


You can still purchase #1 of the print version HERE!:

Issues 2 & 3 of the print version should be up for sale sometime next week, just waiting on our publishing company to go though all the details.

But if you prefer PDF HERE!:


Thursday, January 21, 2016

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Print Version of Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars #2

Issue two preview came back from the printer, all looks great, though a couple things we had to change and send back!!
But it is all fixed now!
We also just put in a single print for issue 3 to make sure it looks good cause........ issue 3 re-master is now DONE!
Now Charlie is just over half way with re-mastering the panels for #4
Then after hes done it will be my job to put the comic panels pages etc together !!
We are hitting the finish line *fingers crossed*
Then it will be time for us to get the pages art etc laid out and done for Noire Comics #1 !!
It's been a lot of hard work but its been SUPER FUN!
I hope everyone is doing well and is excited as we are!
You can still purchase #1 of the print version HERE!
or if you prefer PDF HERE!
Also for those of you that bought #3 in PDF you can now go to drive thru and download the new updated version of #3, for FREE!
I updated that one with the help of Charlie of course!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Updates on Issue #3!!

Issue #3 is now completed and under final review before heading off to the printer! 
Here is Cherry's never before revealed secret origin.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars Updates!

Hey G.W.A Fans! 
Happy New Years!

Just giving you a bit of updates on what has been going on for Charlie and I over the last few months. 

First things first, Issue #1 has been remastered, sent off, came back, looked good and now we are able to place it up for sale on Indy Planet! You can find it HERE!

You can see the remastered cover to the left!

We also got a mass order in the works for comicon. Which in case you missed that blog update. You heard right! Charlie and I will be appearing at comicon, clicking HERE you can see all the details! It will be in August of 2016! Our Editor will also be coming to join us! Find his profile for comicon HERE!

 Issue #2 was remastered and sent off to the printers. We are waiting for that to come back to make sure all goes well with the print job. If all goes well, then we will list it on IndyPlanet for sale also!

You can see the remastered cover to the  right.

Now to the left we have the new remastered cover for issue 3, Charlie finished remastering those panels and now I am in the works putting the pages, panels etc together then I will be able to send that off to the printer. After that is all said and done we are moving on to Issue #4. 

After all that we will be in the works with Issue #1 of Noire comics. As some of you might remember there will be 12 Issues total for Volume 1 of Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars. We have brainstormed ideas for Volume 2. So we aren't done by a long shot! Still more G.W.A fun happening! Same with Noire comics! 

So stay tuned!
We appreciate you guys and all your support.
We Thank You! 
Tina Noire & Charlie Rock

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Twelve Days of Women's Wrestling!

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
Day 12 

We are not saying these are THE best, but they are some of the best. We decided to highlight these 12 for our first 12 days of women's wrestling celebration. A few of the others that we think that deserve mentioning and might feature next year over the holidays include:

Princess Ariel
Mia Yim
Wendi Richter
Molly Holly
Medusa Miceli
Malia Hosaka
Lexie Fyfe
Amazing Kong
Courtney Rush
Madison Eagles
Portia Perez
Gail Kim
Nicole Matthews
Santana Garrett
Beth Phoenix
Cheerleader Melissa
Becky Lynch
Sasha Banks
Mercedes Martinez
Nikki Roxx
Cindy Rodgers
Serena Deeb

Kelly Skater

and more Joshi stars like:

Devil Masami
Ayako Hamada
Hiroyo Matsumoto
Act Yasukawa

To many to name, looks like we are going to have a hard time narrowing it down to 12 next year also!

Hope you had a Happy Holiday Season,
Tina Noire & Charlie Rock

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Twelve Days of Women's Wrestling - Day 12

It's the twelfth day of Women's Wrestling and I would like to feature someone who has been a foundation for the Divas Revolution in the NXT/RAW and one of my personal favorite wrestlers, Emma. 

A lot of people point to AJ Lee's "pipebomb" or the debut of three of the four horsewomen of NXT into RAw as the beginning of the WWE Diva's Revolution. But to my perspective it was the excellent women's matches that NXT delivered that got everyone asking why hasn't RAW kept up. Especially since NXT was the 'developmental' league for RAW. And who was putting on those great matches that got everyone's attention while RAW squandered their talent in 30 second "bathroom break" matches? Shimmer vets like Brittany Knight and Tenille, otherwise known as Paige and Emma. 

Emma and Paige pushed each other well past the limit into 'greatness' and each time these women stepped into the ring it was worth it to stick around. But as Paige went on to achieve success in RAW, Emma was left behind. Yeah, she had a brief call up to the RAW roster. But her matches in RAW (against Paige) were toned down a bit and I think it was so as not to outshine the Divas that WWE kept around for eye-candy. 

And you know what? I'm glad she came back to NXT. NXT has consistently had better women's matches with more respectful booking than RAW. And as evidence my I point out the feud Emma had with Asuka (a.k.a. Kana). It was considered the highlight of the NXT London tour for a reason, meeting and again raising expectations of wrestling fans the world over for  the women of wrestling.

Charlie Rock & Tina Noire
Photo deserves credit. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Twelve Days of Women's Wrestling - Day 11

Day 11 we bring you, Allison Danger!

Allison Danger caught my eye in Shimmer Volume One. Her red and blue outfit with the maple leaves and stars. Reason it caught my eye is because I am Canadian but also American. So I got super excited when I saw her with the outfit plus she is a great technical wrestler to top it off.

Allison is from Canada, along with her brother Steve Corino. In high school Allison was a cheerleader and she also took part in field hockey, softball and track. After high school she moved on to play ice hockey for a couple years.

Allison co-runs Shimmer with Dave Prazak. She is involved with running the show and was wrestling as well as commentating, until April 2013 when she retired. What lead to her retirement was a stroke they found lesions in her brain. They aren't life threatening but it forced her to retire. 

We are behind on Shimmer so we haven't seen that dvd "yet". So to me she hasn't retired yet! 

In Shimmer she had remember-able feuds with Rebecca Knox (aka Becky Lynch), Cindy Rodgers, and Portia Perez. In volume 37 she formed a tag team with Leva Bates and formed "Regeneration X". I will never forget this because I am a huge Doctor Who fan so when I heard the music before they came out. I then got super excited when they came out seeing them dressed as 10th and 11th doctor, it  was super awesome.

Her finishing moves include: 

"Dangerous Liaisons" - Oklahoma roll. 

"Old School Explusion" - Inverted facelock neckbreaker slam, which she adopted from her brother, Steve Corino. 

"Shimmering Warlock" - Step-up enzuigiri to a opponent that is kneeling.

I wish the best for Allison in all she does. Even though she is retired she will remain one of my favorite wrestlers.

Tina Noire & Charlie Rock
Photo deserves credit.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Twelve Days of Women's Wrestling - Day 10

Welcome to day 10! Today I bring you another fav: Trish Stratus!

When I first started getting into wrestling , one wrestler that caught my attention in the early 2000s was Trish. I loved her for what she brought to the ring, and she had a mouth on her and knew how to put people in there place when they needed it, lol.

She is from Ontario, Canada! (Like me!). She also studied Biology and Kinesiology, she also was into sports and the two she played were soccer and field hockey. She achieved some fame as a Muscle & Fitness model and was featured in many magazines and calendars.

Trish was women's champion from 2001-2003. 2003-2005 she had ups and downs with Lita. Teaming one second and fighting like cats and dogs the next. 

Trish eventually married her high school sweetheart and boyfriend of 14 years in 2006. They had a baby boy at the end of September 2013 who she then asked her good friend Lita to be his Godmother. 

In 2008 Trish opened up a Yoga studio called, " Stratusphere" just outside of Toronto Ontario. It got the best *NEW* business award that year, and the following year Trish got "Business Woman of the Year". In 2013 her business got "Best Yoga Studio".

She also was in 2 movies, "Bounty Hunter" and "Gridlocked". I believe she was also in a couple tv movies back in the early 2000s.

Her finishing moves include: "Chick Kick" Which is a roundhouse kick. "Stratusfaction" Springboard bulldog. "Sharpshooter" which she adopted from Bret Hart in 2006. Last but not least the "Wheelbarrow Bulldog".

She also held many Championships and Accomplishments over the years, such as WWE's Women's Champion seven times! I don't think anyone has come close to that now.

Tina Noire & Charlie Rock
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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Twelve Days of Women's Wrestling - Day 9

Although she never captured the gold, Magnificent Mimi was an all-time favorite wrestler of mine. I used to collect any wrestling magazine off the newstand if it had an article about Mimi. She was also one of the few women wrestlers to make it into the movies, starring in 'American Angels' (as herself!), 'Pushed to the Limit', 'Streets of Rage', and even appearing in 'the Scorpion King'.

Magnificent Mimi started out in the AWA and had some great matches against Col. Ninotchka (Lori Lynne, iirc), and Madusa Miceli. In fact, it was her feud with Madusa that led to Mimi tag-teaming with none other than the legendary Wendi Richter. 
The next I saw Mimi after watching American Angels for like a dozen times in a row was the LPWA. 

There she had an awesome match with Cindy Paradise. Cindy didn't stand much of a chance and Magnificent Mimi looked spectacular using all kinds of holds and power moves. Mimi even used three over-the-knee backbreakers in a row.

Her matches were always my favorite on the card and I made it a point to watch all her movies. 

Charlie Rock & Tina Noire
Photo deserves credit. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Twelve Days of Women's Wrestling - Day 8

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to Twelve Days of Women's Wrestling with Day 8! Today I bring you another fav wrestler of ours Lufisto!

Lufisto started training when she was only 17 years old! She is also known as the Super Hardcore Anime! I have always admired Lufisto for her crazy spunky fun attitude in the ring. How energetic she is and you can tell she LOVES what she does! She is also French Canadian!

I remember seeing her for the first time on Shimmer going up against Mercedes Martinez. She then later on got together with Jennifer Blake to form a tag team called, "The suicide Blondes". I also remember when she had a 3 way elimination match against Kong and MsChif.

Her finishing moves include, Diving Star: Swan dive headbutt. Inverted Death Valley driver aka Burning Hammer. Konnichiwa-Goodnite or known as LuFisto's Law: Rear naked choke. Last but not least: Sitout side powerslam.

I also can't forget to mention Peek a boo her lovely manager. =)

She has had many accomplishments over the years as well as Championships, I continue to look forward to her matches.

Tina Noire & Charlie Rock
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