Saturday, January 2, 2016

Twelve Days of Women's Wrestling - Day 9

Although she never captured the gold, Magnificent Mimi was an all-time favorite wrestler of mine. I used to collect any wrestling magazine off the newstand if it had an article about Mimi. She was also one of the few women wrestlers to make it into the movies, starring in 'American Angels' (as herself!), 'Pushed to the Limit', 'Streets of Rage', and even appearing in 'the Scorpion King'.

Magnificent Mimi started out in the AWA and had some great matches against Col. Ninotchka (Lori Lynne, iirc), and Madusa Miceli. In fact, it was her feud with Madusa that led to Mimi tag-teaming with none other than the legendary Wendi Richter. 
The next I saw Mimi after watching American Angels for like a dozen times in a row was the LPWA. 

There she had an awesome match with Cindy Paradise. Cindy didn't stand much of a chance and Magnificent Mimi looked spectacular using all kinds of holds and power moves. Mimi even used three over-the-knee backbreakers in a row.

Her matches were always my favorite on the card and I made it a point to watch all her movies. 

Charlie Rock & Tina Noire
Photo deserves credit. 

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