Thursday, January 7, 2016

Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars Updates!

Hey G.W.A Fans! 
Happy New Years!

Just giving you a bit of updates on what has been going on for Charlie and I over the last few months. 

First things first, Issue #1 has been remastered, sent off, came back, looked good and now we are able to place it up for sale on Indy Planet! You can find it HERE!

You can see the remastered cover to the left!

We also got a mass order in the works for comicon. Which in case you missed that blog update. You heard right! Charlie and I will be appearing at comicon, clicking HERE you can see all the details! It will be in August of 2016! Our Editor will also be coming to join us! Find his profile for comicon HERE!

 Issue #2 was remastered and sent off to the printers. We are waiting for that to come back to make sure all goes well with the print job. If all goes well, then we will list it on IndyPlanet for sale also!

You can see the remastered cover to the  right.

Now to the left we have the new remastered cover for issue 3, Charlie finished remastering those panels and now I am in the works putting the pages, panels etc together then I will be able to send that off to the printer. After that is all said and done we are moving on to Issue #4. 

After all that we will be in the works with Issue #1 of Noire comics. As some of you might remember there will be 12 Issues total for Volume 1 of Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars. We have brainstormed ideas for Volume 2. So we aren't done by a long shot! Still more G.W.A fun happening! Same with Noire comics! 

So stay tuned!
We appreciate you guys and all your support.
We Thank You! 
Tina Noire & Charlie Rock

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