Sunday, January 3, 2016

Twelve Days of Women's Wrestling - Day 10

Welcome to day 10! Today I bring you another fav: Trish Stratus!

When I first started getting into wrestling , one wrestler that caught my attention in the early 2000s was Trish. I loved her for what she brought to the ring, and she had a mouth on her and knew how to put people in there place when they needed it, lol.

She is from Ontario, Canada! (Like me!). She also studied Biology and Kinesiology, she also was into sports and the two she played were soccer and field hockey. She achieved some fame as a Muscle & Fitness model and was featured in many magazines and calendars.

Trish was women's champion from 2001-2003. 2003-2005 she had ups and downs with Lita. Teaming one second and fighting like cats and dogs the next. 

Trish eventually married her high school sweetheart and boyfriend of 14 years in 2006. They had a baby boy at the end of September 2013 who she then asked her good friend Lita to be his Godmother. 

In 2008 Trish opened up a Yoga studio called, " Stratusphere" just outside of Toronto Ontario. It got the best *NEW* business award that year, and the following year Trish got "Business Woman of the Year". In 2013 her business got "Best Yoga Studio".

She also was in 2 movies, "Bounty Hunter" and "Gridlocked". I believe she was also in a couple tv movies back in the early 2000s.

Her finishing moves include: "Chick Kick" Which is a roundhouse kick. "Stratusfaction" Springboard bulldog. "Sharpshooter" which she adopted from Bret Hart in 2006. Last but not least the "Wheelbarrow Bulldog".

She also held many Championships and Accomplishments over the years, such as WWE's Women's Champion seven times! I don't think anyone has come close to that now.

Tina Noire & Charlie Rock
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