Monday, January 4, 2016

Twelve Days of Women's Wrestling - Day 11

Day 11 we bring you, Allison Danger!

Allison Danger caught my eye in Shimmer Volume One. Her red and blue outfit with the maple leaves and stars. Reason it caught my eye is because I am Canadian but also American. So I got super excited when I saw her with the outfit plus she is a great technical wrestler to top it off.

Allison is from Canada, along with her brother Steve Corino. In high school Allison was a cheerleader and she also took part in field hockey, softball and track. After high school she moved on to play ice hockey for a couple years.

Allison co-runs Shimmer with Dave Prazak. She is involved with running the show and was wrestling as well as commentating, until April 2013 when she retired. What lead to her retirement was a stroke they found lesions in her brain. They aren't life threatening but it forced her to retire. 

We are behind on Shimmer so we haven't seen that dvd "yet". So to me she hasn't retired yet! 

In Shimmer she had remember-able feuds with Rebecca Knox (aka Becky Lynch), Cindy Rodgers, and Portia Perez. In volume 37 she formed a tag team with Leva Bates and formed "Regeneration X". I will never forget this because I am a huge Doctor Who fan so when I heard the music before they came out. I then got super excited when they came out seeing them dressed as 10th and 11th doctor, it  was super awesome.

Her finishing moves include: 

"Dangerous Liaisons" - Oklahoma roll. 

"Old School Explusion" - Inverted facelock neckbreaker slam, which she adopted from her brother, Steve Corino. 

"Shimmering Warlock" - Step-up enzuigiri to a opponent that is kneeling.

I wish the best for Allison in all she does. Even though she is retired she will remain one of my favorite wrestlers.

Tina Noire & Charlie Rock
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