Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Twelve Days of Women's Wrestling - Day 12

It's the twelfth day of Women's Wrestling and I would like to feature someone who has been a foundation for the Divas Revolution in the NXT/RAW and one of my personal favorite wrestlers, Emma. 

A lot of people point to AJ Lee's "pipebomb" or the debut of three of the four horsewomen of NXT into RAw as the beginning of the WWE Diva's Revolution. But to my perspective it was the excellent women's matches that NXT delivered that got everyone asking why hasn't RAW kept up. Especially since NXT was the 'developmental' league for RAW. And who was putting on those great matches that got everyone's attention while RAW squandered their talent in 30 second "bathroom break" matches? Shimmer vets like Brittany Knight and Tenille, otherwise known as Paige and Emma. 

Emma and Paige pushed each other well past the limit into 'greatness' and each time these women stepped into the ring it was worth it to stick around. But as Paige went on to achieve success in RAW, Emma was left behind. Yeah, she had a brief call up to the RAW roster. But her matches in RAW (against Paige) were toned down a bit and I think it was so as not to outshine the Divas that WWE kept around for eye-candy. 

And you know what? I'm glad she came back to NXT. NXT has consistently had better women's matches with more respectful booking than RAW. And as evidence my I point out the feud Emma had with Asuka (a.k.a. Kana). It was considered the highlight of the NXT London tour for a reason, meeting and again raising expectations of wrestling fans the world over for  the women of wrestling.

Charlie Rock & Tina Noire
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