Thursday, March 31, 2016

Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars Trade Paperback

When a woman becomes the galaxy's first human wrestling champion she becomes the target for all the best, and the worst, wrestlers who think a human isn't good enough to hold the belt. Meet Charlene Rocket. Is she in over her head? Or can this woman from Earth take on the toughest, meanest wrestlers in the universe for the title!

This is the cover art for the upcoming Trade Paperback which will be collecting issues 1-5 of Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars. Now if you already have the pdf of issues 1 through 5 there won't be any new material. This version will be PRINT ONLY for those that want to have a physical book they can, I don't know, display on a shelf or coffee table. It will be magazine sized pages (8 1/4 x 10 1/2), full color, perfect bound (no staples) with 186 pages. We are taking advance orders if you would like to reserve a copy. They will cost $30USD + shipping costs. Since the individual issues cost $8 each for print copies this is like getting them all for $10 off. I don't know when we will have the first run back from the printer but we expect to have them within 4-8 weeks. As always, thank you all for your support.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Noire Comics #1

Noire Comics is NOW HERE!

We Totally revamped Issue #1 of Noire Comics cover, but here it is!!

Whatcha think!

First Issue is now up for sale in PDF on Drive Thru Comics!

A Comic Book super heroine with a stylistic mix of today and the golden age of comics. Read about the adventures of Mistress Noire as she tries to stay one step ahead of the law while stopping evil. Meanwhile her sinister step-sister schemes dastardly deeds behind the scenes. Lots of trills, crime fighting, and daredevil exploits.

Thank you!
Tina Noire & Charlie Rock

Find the comic here in PDF :  HERE!
Now find us on facebook! HERE!
We will let you know when the print becomes available its soon off for a test print!

Friday, March 18, 2016


So as most of you may know, maybe some of you don't know.....


CharlieRock & I Been Super busy getting ready for our first comic show here in a few short weeks!
You may of noticed our updates on getting the comics for Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars in print
Noire comics being in the works
Which the main story is done for Noire comics, art is done, just putting the final touches on the bonus story before it goes to our awesome editor
Then I can finish up the word bubbles on it too, then off to the printer for a test print :D
Hopefully that will happen late next week, cause I really wanna get it done for our show in May (Exp since Stan Lee is going to be there)

We are also getting ready after Noire Comics #1 is finished to start Issue 6 of GWA!
I know most of you are wanting to get started on the tournament story line, am I right? :D

We been doing some side stories with Spicy Wrestling Tales which has been super fun also!

We also have a show in May as well as August!
We will submit details on the blog soon enough!

Okay okay, so your probably wondering, whats with this picture right?


This picture shows you what art prints will be available at the conventions (we are planning on more prints to come over time)

We also been getting a feel for a few cons this year also that we aren't appearing at with our comics for possibles for next year!

Our editor J.B Garner will be at the con with us in August just a heads up, he has 2 awesome book series' one on superheroes and one on women's wrestling also!

Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Naka-kon 2016

This past weekend Charlie and I hit up Naka-kon, here are some pics! Plus videos from the concert followed after.

Now as some of you may or may not know, they had 3 concerts at the convention. The biggest guest of honor was Nobuo Uematsu!!! For those of you that don't know who he is...... he is the Composer for all the Final Fantasy video game music!!

Super LOVE Final Fantasy, some of you may remember Charlie and I talking about playing XIV together. Ive always been a huge nerd when it comes to FF games. So here are the videos I got from the concerts uploaded to my youtube.

Earthbound Papas - Nobuo Uematsu's band
Critical Hit 
Final Fantasy - A New World (Video & pics wasn't allowed)


Final Fantasy 6 - Earthbound Papas

Fight with Seymour - Earthbound Papas

Tetris by Critical Hit

Bowsers castle - Critical Hit

Pokemon - Critical Hit

Final Fantasy X - To Zanarkand - Critical Hit

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Thanks for the scare!

Thanks for the scare!
So yesterday many fans began to read the news and rumors about their favorite wrestlers when low and behold I see that there was a house show for NXT in Cleveland with Asuka vs Emma on the card. Asuka, a.k.a. Kana, and Emma are both on our Twelve Wrestlers of Christmas list last year and they are very talented wrestlers. So this match should have been a dream come true for most of us (much like their match at Takeover London).
So why did it turn into a nightmare?
Emma was rumored to have suffered a possibly career ending injury after receiving a stiff kick to the throat from Asuka. (Yeah, this was going to be a great match). They ended the match there and the referee called it a victory to Asuka via knock-out.

Luckily it was a false alarm and Emma was soon back in action against none other than Bayley, the NXT Women's Champion!
Emma's Update Here!
Thank goodness! *whew!* Now I can calm down and breath again. 

Photo by Charly @Clown_Prince_86