Friday, March 18, 2016


So as most of you may know, maybe some of you don't know.....


CharlieRock & I Been Super busy getting ready for our first comic show here in a few short weeks!
You may of noticed our updates on getting the comics for Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars in print
Noire comics being in the works
Which the main story is done for Noire comics, art is done, just putting the final touches on the bonus story before it goes to our awesome editor
Then I can finish up the word bubbles on it too, then off to the printer for a test print :D
Hopefully that will happen late next week, cause I really wanna get it done for our show in May (Exp since Stan Lee is going to be there)

We are also getting ready after Noire Comics #1 is finished to start Issue 6 of GWA!
I know most of you are wanting to get started on the tournament story line, am I right? :D

We been doing some side stories with Spicy Wrestling Tales which has been super fun also!

We also have a show in May as well as August!
We will submit details on the blog soon enough!

Okay okay, so your probably wondering, whats with this picture right?


This picture shows you what art prints will be available at the conventions (we are planning on more prints to come over time)

We also been getting a feel for a few cons this year also that we aren't appearing at with our comics for possibles for next year!

Our editor J.B Garner will be at the con with us in August just a heads up, he has 2 awesome book series' one on superheroes and one on women's wrestling also!

Stay tuned!!

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