Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Free Comic Book Day!

This weekend!!
Are you ready!?
Charlie and I are getting ready for our appearance this weekend for Free Comic Book Day!
We also sent back in to get another proof of GWA Volume #1 and another print!
FCBD.... we are super excited!
Not to far from now is Planet Comicon then Metro Pro Wrestling show..... then KCCC in August!
We also been hard at work on Issue 6 of Galaxy Wrestling, hoping to have it banged out by months end in between all the crazy.
Since Charlie does most of the main art with GWA hes been doing most of the work right now ;p
I been laying out the pages as he gets panels done, this issue has A LOT of panels per page, I think the biggest I saw so far was..... 8!
Though I think he mentioned he was working on a 12 panel page recently @_@
There is a lot of story and a lot of explanation in the upcoming issue as well as 2 great matches!
One between Lela and Misty and another with Charlene and Hera!
So stay tuned!!
Hope if its all possible to see some of you at our upcoming shows!! and your all doing well!!

Thanks again for all the love and support!

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