Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars #6 - Available Now!!

Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars #6 starts the "Championship Tournament" saga. Charlene Rocket must reclaim her title as Galaxy Wrestling Champion. But to get there she must battle her way through the toughest, most powerful foes she has faced yet in the squared circle. Along the way this Earth woman must discover the secret to becoming the Princess of an interstellar empire and survive her warrior training under the guidance of Azatala Zatara.
39 pgs. Full-Color. Full-Action!
Pro Wrestling meets Sci-Fi!

Issue 6 is out now in PDF on Drive Thru Comics!



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 PS... You can still get Issues 1 though 5 of Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars & Noire Comics #1 !!
These are all single issue PRINTED versions!

If you like and rather have the single issues rather then that gfx novel, you can get them now here:

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