Sunday, December 4, 2016

Metro Pro Wrestling 12/3/16

Metro Pro Wrestling had their last show as Metro Pro tonight. 

Everything is now known as the NWL.

Was a wonderful show as always, tailgate before hand, lots of awesome friends hanging out having a blast and eating noms. 

Then watching awesome wrestling!

Can't wait to see what the new year brings with the NWL!

Since there will be a Rival between KC and St. Louis going on, I have to say #fightKC !

Was gonna do my tips in my hair blue last night but i was so tired! Getting them done now!! 

Here are some pics from the show, enjoy!

Charlie and I hanging out during  intermission !!

 Honky Tonk Man giving us a mini concert!

Redwing finally won his title tonight, well deserved!

 The Riegel Twins!

Charlie with Rory !

Charlie with Mark Sterling!

Charlie and Jake Dirden, who turned and went to St Louis side. He was giving us heck after the show for being #fightKC. lol. He is a amazing wrestler and a really great guy.

Myself with Jeremy Wyatt!

Myself with Mr Michael Strider!

Charlie and I with Ace Steel.

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